County Transportation Metrics is a project of the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) and will provide a roadmap for setting transportation priorities.


Work to Date

 Fall 2011

  • The Washington State Legislature appropriated funding for this project and the State Office of Financial Management contracted with WSAC in September 2011 to implement a transportation performance measurement program for counties.
  • The project commenced in November 2011 and WSAC formed a project Advisory Committee composed of 12 county engineers, representing a cross section of the state.

Winter 2012

  • Held workshops with the State Auditor, WSDOT, King County, and the Washington State Association of County Engineers (WSACE).
  • In addition, conducted online surveys with engineers, public works directors, administrators, planning directors, and county commissioners. 

Spring 2012

  • Held workshops to develop guiding principles and preliminary performance measures.

Summer 2012

  • Built partnership with the Washington Association of County Engineers (WASCE) and the County Road Administration Board (CRAB) to broaden participation and collaboration.  

Fall 2012

  • Retained consulting firms Lund Consulting, Inc., Scanlan & Associations, and the IBI Group to collect and analyze performance measurement data and to recommend sustainable data collection methods and specifications for a web-based performance reporting tool.
  • Conducted three regional meetings with county road engineers to refine performance measures and to identify data limitations and needs.
  • Met with Advisory Committee to review first draft of county performance metric data.
  • Presented project overview to State of Washington, Joint Transportation Committee on Transportation.

Upcoming Milestones

February, 2013

  • Final report
  • Presentation for Legislature

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