County Transportation Metrics is a project of the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) and will provide a roadmap for setting transportation priorities.


In 2007, the Washington State Legislature amended RCW 47.04.280 to establish five statewide transportation policy goals to guide the planning, operation, performance of and investment in the state's transportation system. These policy goals are intended only for the state transportation related agencies and not local governments. In 2010, the Legislature added a sixth goal addressing economic vitality. The state Office of Financial Management (OFM) oversees an annual attainment report, compiling data that documents progress toward achieving the policy goals.

Statewide Transportation Goals for transportation-related state agencies:

  • Safety: To provide for and improve the safety and security of transportation customers and the transportation system.
  • Preservation: To maintain, preserve and extend the life and utility of prior investments in transportation systems and services.
  • Mobility: To improve the predictable movement of goods and people throughout the state.
  • Environment: To enhance Washington's quality of life through transportation investments that promote energy conservation, enhance healthy communities and protect the environment.
  • Stewardship: To continuously improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the transportation system.
  • Economic Vitality: To promote and develop transportation systems that stimulates, support and enhance the movement of people and goods to ensure a prosperous economy.

OFM continues to establish objectives and performance measures for each of the goals and has established processes to involve stakeholders and agencies to help develop the state measures.

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