County Transportation Metrics is a project of the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) and will provide a roadmap for setting transportation priorities.

Ferry County

Named for Elisa P. Ferry, Washington's first Governor, Ferry County was created out of Stevens County in 1899.  Its county seat is Republic. The Colville National Forest and the Colville Indian Reservation occupy large tracts of land within the county. The area is sparsely populated.

Historically, the county's prosperity relied o gold mining, timber and agriculture. Today, there is little mining, and timber and agriculture have declined.  The county economy is constrained by limited transportation options and the small proportion of private land (less than 18 percent of land in the county is privately-owned). The county tends to have one of the highest unemployment rates and lowest labor force participation rates of any county in Washington.

Tourism, hunting and fishing now help sustain the economy. The scenic beauty attracts tourists and there are several small resorts and a state park on Curlew Lake. Republic has attracted artists and hosts several music festivals during the summer. In 1989, the Stonerose Interpretive Center was established and aides in the study of world class examples of Eocene plant life from the nearby Boot Hill Fossil Site.

Population (OFM Databook, 2011) 

Population (2011) 7,600
Population Change (2000 to 2010)      1.8%
Land Area (Sq. Mi.) 2,203.16
Density (Population/Sq. Mi.) 3.45


Republic 1,080

County Roads (CRAB and OFM, 2011)

Total Center Lane Miles
Maintenance Expenditures
$ 2,030,816
Preservation Expenditures
$ 2,361,836
Improvement Expenditures

County Revenues  & Expenditures (OFM Databook, 2011)

Total Revenues
$ 12,014,395
Total Expenditures
$ 12,365,655
Transportation Expenditures
$ 3,587,253

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