County Transportation Metrics is a project of the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) and will provide a roadmap for setting transportation priorities.

Garfield County

Garfield County is the least populous in the state, with about 3.2 inhabitants per square mile. The county seat is in Pomeroy, the county's only city.  Named after US President James A. Garfield, the county was created out of Columbia County in 1881.

Before white exploration and settlement, the semi-nomadic Nez Perce inhabited the area. The Nez Perce Trail was key to the development of the area and a key route of commerce. As the territory was settled, farming and ranching came to dominate the area.  

Today Garfield County's workforce is primarily employed in agriculture and government. Farmland occupies more than two-thirds of the county's land use. The main crop is dry land wheat. Wind project such as the Lower Snake River wind project have also bolstered the economy.

Demographics also play an important role in the county's economy. The county's disproportionate number of elderly residents has increased demand for local health care and social services.

Population (OFM Databook, 2011) 

Population (2011) 2,250
Population Change (2000 to 2010)      -0.2%
Land Area (Sq. Mi.) 710.69
Density (Population/Sq. Mi.) 3.17


Pomeroy                                          1,415

Major Highways

  • US Route 12
  • State Route 127

County Roads (CRAB and OFM, 2011)

Total Center Lane Miles
Maintenance Expenditures
Preservation Expenditures
Improvement Expenditures

County Revenues  & Expenditures (OFM Databook, 2011)

Total Revenues
Total Expenditures
Transportation Expenditures

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