County Transportation Metrics is a project of the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) and will provide a roadmap for setting transportation priorities.

County Transportation Metrics

A Roadmap for Setting Priorities

Counties are on the front lines of Washington State's Transportation challenges bearing responsibility for nearly 50 percent of the state's roads and bridges. The county road infrastructure is aging while reliance on county transportation systems to sustain the state's economy and provide mobility is growing.


This project, "County Transportation Metrics" is being led by the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) and the Washington Association of County Engineers (WSACE) in partnership with the County Road Administration Board (CRAB), and the state's 39 counties. 

WSAC has developed this web site to share ongoing work and to provide critical information to assist counties. A significant outcome from the Transportation Metrics project has been to create a dashboard that is now available to provide easy access to important transportation data about the counties in the State of Washington.

Counties may use the metrics on this dashboard to meet the following objectives:

  • Respond to state and federal statutes
  • Focus on results to secure public funding support
  • Demonstrate accountability of public expenditure
  • Communicate results to citizens

The metrics used for this project and on the dashboard reflect the six transportation policy goals established by the Legislature in RCW 47.04.280 and complement the biennial State Transportation Attainment Report prepared by the Office of Financial Management.

Performance measures are important for several reasons, including:

  • Providing better information to customers and stakeholders;
  • Lending clarity to the purpose of actions and expenditures;
  • Monitoring and evaluating programs and investments;
  • Identifying areas for improving quality, effectiveness and efficiencies, and
  • Providing an objective method for allocating funding.

The project is funded by the Washington State Legislature through a portion of state fuel tax proceeds. Work began in September 2011. A report on the first phase of County Transportation Metrics was completed in 2013.  In 2014, reports have been completed on the status of MAP-21 and its relationship to county transportation, pavement condition data validation, streamlined reporting, and analysis of safety trends on county roads.  These issue papers are available here. 

Launch Dashboard

County Attainment Report Available Now

This County Transportation Attainment Report is the first of its kind for counties in the State of Washington.   It aligns county reporting data with the metrics the state tracks in its Biennial Transportation Attainment Report, showing how counties are performing in the key transportation goal areas identified by the legislature.

Reports and Presentations

Additional State, Transportation, and Performance Measurement Resources

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