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Island County

Located in northwest Washington, Island County is made up of two large islands, Whidbey and Camano and several much smaller uninhabited islands. Island County is the second smallest county in Washington by landmass, just larger than neighboring San Juan County. The county seat is the historic town of Coupeville on Whidbey Island.

The largest employer is the US Naval Air Station in Oak Harbor with about 7,600 military and 2,400 civilian employees. Oak Harbor is the largest city in the county. Naval Air Station Whidbey Island (NASWI) is a strong economic force in Whidbey Island. In 2005, early 88 percent of all economic activity in Island County was directly or indirectly linked to the Navy's presence. However, there is not a strong economic base to provide sufficient employment for spouses and dependents of NASWI workers. Consequently, commuting to nearby counties is important. For example, about 900 Island County residents work for Boeing Corporation in Snohomish County.

Other important economic activities in the county are farming, fishing, tourism, real estate and construction. Many retired and self-employed people continue to move to the area, attracted by the mild weather, beautiful scenery, recreational opportunities, and lower cost-of-living.

Population (OFM Databook, 2011) 

Population (2011) 78,800
Population Change (2000 to 2010)      0.6%
Land Area (Sq. Mi.) 208.45
Density (Population/Sq. Mi.) 378.03


Langley 1,045
Oak Harbor

County Roads (CRAB and OFM, 2011)

Total Center Lane Miles
Maintenance Expenditures
$ 5,431,797
Preservation Expenditures
$ 7,183,968
Improvement Expenditures

County Revenues  & Expenditures (OFM Databook, 2011)

Total Revenues
Total Expenditures
Transportation Expenditures
$ 12,067,837

Performance Measures

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