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Jefferson County

Jefferson County is located on the Olympic Peninsula in northwestern Washington state. Named for President Thomas Jefferson, it was created in 1852 from a portion of Lewis County. The county seat is Port Townsend.

Much of the county is publicly owned land – 60 percent of the county comprises the Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest.

The county's economic base grew from a rich history of natural resources development in logging and fishing. By the turn of the 20th century, sawmills, fish processing and ship and boatbuilding were major industries. Today the county's economy includes logging, aquaculture and organic farming and growing. Food production businesses, stemming from the agricultural segment, include artisan cheese and bread producers. Tourism also provides revenue streams to the county. Sitting in the rainshadow of the Olympic Mountains, Jefferson County has attracted many retirees because of the pleasant climate. With this demographic, healthcare-related growth has been significant and Jefferson Healthcare is now the county's largest employer. A vibrant port and airport, ferry terminal and state highways are key to supporting economic activity in the area.

Population (OFM Databook, 2011) 

Population (2011) 30,050
Population Change (2000 to 2010)      0.2%
Land Area (Sq. Mi.) 1,803.70
Density (Population/Sq. Mi.) 16.66


Port Townsend                                                     9,180

Major Highways

  • US Route 101
  • State Route 20
  • State Route 104

County Roads (CRAB and OFM, 2011)

Total Center Lane Miles
Maintenance Expenditures
$ 3,798,476
Preservation Expenditures
$ 769,467
Improvement Expenditures
$ 144,010

County Revenues  & Expenditures (OFM Databook, 2011)

Total Revenues
$ 37,997,495
Total Expenditures
$ 41,528,703
Transportation Expenditures
$ 7,571,287


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